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William H. Jefferson - Poems & Verse

Breakfast at Zero
In my cabin, I wake to a world as silent as Monday’s church. The white visitor had dropped in on me during the night, making my pine forest, a village of still, white spires, population eight… one snowbound man, five chick-a-dees, one nuthatch and a pine squirrel. Who have gathered at the corner café to chatter and gossip, while enjoying their suet ala mode.

- Wm. H. Jefferson 1980s






The Sands of Time

Think you… Lad, that you can possess this land that I so lovingly leave in your care? Nay…You may only treasure it for a short while…Then it will sift through your fingers too…Always to return to itself.
- Wm. H. Jefferson 1979

Harm not one tree, one branch, one needle.

What!?...You have the gall to invade my home and castle with your indignant and pompous demand to shear down my cherished forest of four-hundred-year-old White Pine…guiders of Indian canoe to friendly campsite, before you and your  kind ravaged this earth with thoughtless, shameful, embarrassment, just to build your silly freeway!?... and humble majestic giants to mere houses? They are already homes and have been for centuries for the hawk and squirrel and owl.
Begone! Retreat! And as you crawl away…harm not one tree, one branch, one needle.

- Wm. H. Jefferson 1980s

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