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William H. Jefferson - Collector Reviews

William H. Jefferson chose subjects that would depict truly American images. This was born out of his ties to the lives of people like himself who made up small town America, particularly during the time of The Great Depression. For Bill Jefferson, every picture told a story. When discussing his work, he would passionately explain that he wasn't drawing a portrait, he was telling a story about part of that person's life.
Invariably, in the best of Jefferson’s drawings, it’s the eyes that demand attention. The eyes direct us, or they take hold of us, as if a living force is caught on the Strathmore, demanding that we recognize them first. Jefferson once said:

"Before I do anything else, I draw the eyes, the eyes set the mood.”

Collector’s Reviews:

“Jefferson's study of his youngest son - Day Break and Sun Down - is nothing short of a well written book. He speaks to the enthusiasm of youth and the weight of experience. The willingness to face life full-on and recognition of its toll. Perhaps it’s a working cowboy or perhaps a metaphor of something larger. It is, however, indisputable that the man exercised artist genius. That, coupled with his studied, technical perfection leaves us viewers speechless at the feet of a master.” Collector – David Jensen - South Carolina

"Jefferson's work is unmatched. The anatomy, detail and use of light are superb to the untrained eye and nothing short of brilliant to those of us who aspire to reach his level of accomplishment. He is the gold standard -- the definition of Mastery."
Artist- Dennis Richardson
- Minnesota

“As a lifelong artist, I have worked in most every medium, to think that Mr. Jefferson brought these images to life with merely a pencil and paper is simply amazing, I would love to see the work in person.”
Anonymous - Illinois

"William Jefferson's work is stunningly brilliant. Framing brings his images to life. You can hear Irv & Jim breathing. We'll never need an ice breaker for parties -- everyone who enters is drawn to the wall bearing his images. They are truly amazing.” Anonymous - California

"Give yourself an opportunity to see William Jefferson's work. Nothing is comparable. I have been looking at it for a year and am certain I'll never see all of any one image -- that's Greatness with a capital G."
Collector - Mary M.
- Minnesota

In November of 2009, The Library of Congress, Washington D.C., added two of Jefferson’s drawings to its permanent collection. To be forever preserved there along with countless other American treasures including the US Constitution.

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