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In an effort to increase clicks and visits to our virtual gallery,, we are conducting a search for guest artist(s).


What we will provide:

  • We will provide a Guest Artist tab on the Artists page of our Website – When clicked on, your page will showcase your work with images and your bio                                                                                                 

Note: There will be no online sales or transaction opportunities on the Web site for your work at this time. We will simply forward any inquiries directly to you for follow-up. Your work will hang in our virtual gallery for minimum of 90 days, longer if Web site visits continue to improve.


What you will provide:

  • Your commitment to promote our virtual gallery and encourage clicks and visits

  • High  quality Web formatted jpeg photos of your work

  • Your bio

  • Your email and contact information

Note: Your work should compliment what is presently hanging in our virtual gallery.


For more information please CONTACT US


Jefferson Fine Art – Jefferson Archives Publishing, LLC, reserves the right to void any agreement at any time.

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